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Heeding Inevitability

After nearly 3 years of constant blogging, I am surprised that I’ve been so content on the free WordPress. I started on Blogspot way back when, and it wasn’t sophisticated enough for me (it still isn’t). Oh, I could have mucked around with the HTML and CSS (I am fluent in both), but WordPress was so much easier to get going. And I would have kept with this free version, too, if I hadn’t started chafing at the restrictions.

So I am striking out into a new frontier. I bought a domain and a hosting plan, whipped up a WordPress install that I can control, and will be migrating this blog over. Everything that’s here will remain here. You are all free to continue your conversations here as you’ve been doing, but I do hope that at least a few of you find your way over to the new site. In any event, I doubt I will be posting much here now, except to answer in the comments. I hope we can continue our vibrant conversations at the new site.

So what’s the tally? 149 posts, 728 approved comments, and a smidge over 48,000 views. So thanks for that. I don’t do this for money, so all I have are collected stats. My hope is that I can do even better in the future.

Come and visit me: http://www.aaron-helton.com

We can resume our discourse there.


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January 26, 2010 at 2:45 am

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